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Discussing racing-themed games does seem endless, not only are racing games routinely released every year, they are also often combined with other themes including off-road, open-world, Drift to races that focus on drag racing. So, in this article, we have summarized several Drag Racing games with various additional themes.

Here are the 7 Best Drag Racing Android games

1. No Limit Drag Racing 2

The first game in Miss this time we are with one of the new games released this year. According to the title, this game is the second in a series of games called No Limit drag racing. the game in this game is carried out by focusing on drag racing type races where you will compete to be the fastest against other racers, because it carries the drag racing concept, the race track is in the form of a straight track along with your progress you can make modifications to the car you have. Apart from that, the presence of various tracks with different nuances gives a quite varied impression. Not only can this game be played offline, this game also provides an online game mode to play with other players.

2. Extreme Motorbike

Not only with the theme of cars but drag racing is also often raised into themes and motorbikes, now this motorbike game is one of the most interesting Drag Racing motorbike games, this cannot be separated from the many game modes that this game has apart from playing in Drag Racing mode This game also provides various missions to complete. where the mission presents a different point of view, the game controls of this game are also relatively simple and easy to learn along with your progress, you can unlock a number of the motorbikes provided, even though you can play them offline, but you also have to first connect to the internet every time you open game, another drawback is the many ads that will appear in the game.

3. Big Rig Racing

Different from most other racing games, if this game carries a concept that is quite unique, how about not here, you won’t be racing using an ordinary car, but using a large car. This game provides dozens of Trap monsters which can later be unlocked, each car presented with a relatively detailed design. Meanwhile, playing this game provides several different game modes such as career mode, tournaments and so on. In addition to presenting racing action using large cars, this game also has a number of tracks with different times, each track is also supported by an attractive environment.

4. Drag Racing: Street

If racing games usually come with 3D graphics, then this is a drag racing game titled Streat. This is a racing game with two-dimensional graphics. can be selected here. You can choose to use controls with automatic or manual transmission. Because it’s basically an online game, racing here will be carried out against other players. What’s interesting about this game is the presence of quite varied features here. You can’t just race. but there are also a number of other game modes such as completing missions by transporting cargo, driving by following signs and so on.

5. Asphalt Street Strom

Gameloft is indeed quite famous for various high-quality games, including racing-themed games, so this game is one of the racing games that comes with good quality, not much different from most games released by Gameloft, this game is also supported by good graphics. with the various features it offers, the game size is also large for a g-mobile class. the game itself will be carried out by carrying out racing actions against AI and other players, later you can find various different locations that become race tracks. Apart from that, another attraction of this game is the large collection of cars.

6. Nitro Nation

Next is another racing game that comes with a very good graphic presentation Nitro Nation This is a racing game that focuses on drag racing action and driving the excitement of the action is also supported by GTA cars that feel realistic How can the car design here adapt to real cars? This is inseparable from the presence of official licenses from several well-known brands. in terms of gameplay, this game is not much different from other similar games because it has a simple concept, you only need to tap on the screen button to transmit, even though it’s simple, accuracy is needed so you can go faster.

7. CSR Racing

When discussing drag racing themed games, of course it’s incomplete if you don’t discuss this one game because CSR Racing is one of the most popular Drag Racing games currently on the PlayStore besides the first series, CSR Racing also has other series, the popularity of this game, regardless of the features , gameplay, and the graphics it presents, what’s more, you can play this game without using the internet at all, aka offline. later you can play in a variety of different game modes for car matters, this game is also supported by a number of cars with official licenses from various well-known brands such as McLaren, Aston Martin, and many more. Drag Racing games in general So you can quickly master the game controls of this game.

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