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For those of you who like anime, of course anime games will be something that will be fun for you to play because there we can enjoy two things at once, namely the theme of the anime and also be free to play the anime characters because this article will provide recommendations about anime games.

Here are the 7 best anime games for Android :


HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! the story line of this game is Find your true feelings! A mysterious song called “Untitled” with no melody or lyrics is circulated among youths in Shibuya, Tokyo. This song opens access to “SEKAI” – a strange place that allows everyone to find their true emotions and their own song. Play with Hatsune Miku and her Virtual Friends and 20 original characters who overcome their struggles through the power of music.


  • Tap, hold, and flick to the beat
  • Discover a variety of characters with fully voiced Story Chapters.
  • Easy to Master: 5 difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Play alone or create a room with up to 4 friends to share the fun.
  • Collect character cards and customize your band and music videos. Level up and improve
  • your character to unlock more skills and achieve higher scores.
  • Enjoy Virtual Show, virtual concert in the comfort of your own home, with performers
  • from all over the world! Customize Avatars and Glow Sticks for the show.
  • Dress up your band members with tons of costumes you can make!

2. Avatar Generation  

Avatar Generation is an anime RPG game that carries the Battle turn base theme with the Avatar theme in it so for those of you who have watched this film then you will definitely be familiar with all the characters that exist, what’s interesting again is the story concept that is presented really fits every character. scenes in the first Avatar movie And you can later go on an adventure Following various missions to be able to collect useful items to improve your creator program besides that you can also collect various types of characters from the Avatar movie which have really cool skills and elements, moreover there will be lots of rewards that will be given to each player and you can claim them for free in the game.

3. Touch The Dream

for those of you who like sports games then surely you will like this anime game you could say the anime that is carried by the game this time is one of the popular anime that tells about the journey of a volleyball team here you can recruit various characters inspired by anime the same and you can also increase the rank of the character you have. The gameplay concept can be said to be very unique and exciting where later players will compete with other teams in chapter mode and you also have to be smart in choosing the moves that will be made by the characters in your team which later these movements will be presented in the form of cards, which you can customize according to your needs. your choice.

4. Fire Force

Fire Force is an RPG game adapted from the anime series where you can find lots of anime characters to use. You can get these characters from Gacha and the ranks are also different, from one star to 3 stars. Your goal in the game is to form a team of four characters. then you will complete various chapters to get rewards and increase your account level, each character will be given 4 different skills where each skill also has a different function. there are those to attack or give buffs to other team members, unfortunately this game has just been released for the Japanese server so of course the language used is Japanese.

5. Blue Reflection Sun

Blue Reflection Sun is an anime game that carries the theme of female characters how later you can include several characters with a school theme into one team. You can collect characters that you can get from Gacha and take advantage of the various types of skills that exist in these characters, the gameplay concept that is presented is the Battle turn base theme where later there will be several dialogues that you can follow. Of course, this will be related to the storyline in the game this time, so you need to follow the missions given. Overall, Blue Reflection Sun is an anime RPG game that is perfect for those of you who like games that collect female characters.

6. Zold Out Global

Zold Out Global is a turn base RPG game that also carries an anime theme and just happened to be released yesterday after a long time. The concept of this one game carries a classic theme. In it, where later the skills you will issue will be based on the cards you get. You also need to pay attention to the use of SP points when using skills because these skills cannot be cast if the SP is lacking, so you have to be right. – really think about the best way to beat your Enemy and each character is also given an Ultimate skill here you can select lots of characters that you can get from Gacha and then put them into a team consisting of several characters and also various chapters that need you complete to be able to increase the level of your character in the team.

7. Monster Universe

Monster Universe is a semi open world game that recently arrived in the playstore. actually the Monster Universe also doesn’t fully carry the Open War theme but you will later enter a city and to be able to explore you have to enter a Danjen first and in that Danjen you will need to defeat all the monsters in it and you could say that the concept of the game this time this is more towards Monster Hunter later there will be lots of types of monsters that you can make as mounts and you can also work on various types of existing chapters. The graphics presented by Monster Universe can also be said to be very cool and even almost resemble the graphics from the game Genshin Impact if set to medium.

Those are the 7 best Android anime games that we can recommend for you. If you have questions or want to request about games, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to look forward to other interesting articles.

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