6 Best Offline Football Games for Android 2023 | With Light Size

Of course we all know this type of sport, where all groups, from children, men, women to grandparents. We will discuss several offline soccer games specifically for visitors to this article who are football lovers and gamers, especially if you can play them anywhere and anytime because you don’t need internet quota because this article will provide recommendations for football games.

Here are the 6 best offline soccer games for Android :

1. SSC 23

If you are looking for a game that has a different concept and is different from most other soccer games then you are obliged to try playing the game this time as a whole, indeed ssc23 presents gameplay that is not much different from other offline soccer games, it’s just the character model and also the angle. the camera is very unusual, but even so you can still play a typical soccer game where you can pass the ball, kick the ball and make various moves in the other world of soccer. In total there are around 600 teams that you can find in the game with 37 on PC and also from 27 different countries, of course in the context of countries that are very popular in the world of football, what’s even cooler is that you can even play multiplayer by utilizing the local multiplayer mod where You can compete with 2 versus 2 with your friends.

2. Soccer Cup 2023

Soccer Cup 2023 is a soccer game that can be played offline and certainly doesn’t require an emulator because usually offline footBall games often use an emulator, even though in terms of graphics this game can be somewhat poorer than existing multiplayer soccer games but when it comes to gameplay is still very competitive and reliable. How come players can’t find various countries and also famous clubs in the game this time even though the appearance of the players can be said to be inappropriate and don’t even come from actual soccer players and only use their names but it doesn’t reduce the excitement of this game where you can also find various types of game modes such as the Champions League, Season League and also the daily Challenge.

3. World football

World football is a 3D soccer game where you will play all the players on a team by passing, dribbling, placing the ball in the middle of the area and shooting it at the goal. their original names but changed with a slight change in the letters for the controls which can be said to be a little difficult, yes indeed the average football or soccer game will have the various buttons needed to play when it comes to graphics it does look very classic and definitely worth it for games that only Just tens of megabytes in size, in total you will find 60 national teams, 60 clubs and also 2000 players to use and of course you will not find a line-up that fits the current conditions.

4. Real Football

Real Football is an offline soccer game published by Gameloft and for those of you who have often played Android games, of course you are already familiar with this developer. This game has actually been released for a very long time. So it’s only natural that we talk about the graphics, which are still very classic and similar to PS1 games or PS2 games, but when it comes to gameplay, you will still like the Real Football game this time, because here you will be met with various clubs and also national teams from various well-known leagues and countries, of course, with some classic players that you may have seen in the past, moreover Real Football is still getting updates until now so there is a possibility that the players will always be updated every season. So if for example you are bored playing alone then you can also enter PvP mode and play with another screen in real time to compete skills.

5. Pro League Soccer

Pro League Soccer is a soccer game that is similar to the mobile soccer league game. This game takes you to various stadiums to see for yourself the thrill of a soccer match where later you will control 11 players on the team and must compete as well as possible so you can beat all the opponents that come your way. There is. unfortunately you won’t be playing with an official League or team license in the Pro League Soccer game but like other games like PES of course it will be easy to associate certain clubs and players with their real identities when starting the game you will be asked to choose the tournament you want to participate in and after choose the tournament to take part in you will be ready to start the first match as usual the controls presented by Pro League Soccer are very familiar to other soccer games where there are buttons to move, pass the ball and also kick the ball towards the goal.

6. Dream League Soccer 2023

for those of you who are fans of soccer games, of course you are familiar with this one football title. You can determine the name of the team, design your needs and choose a Captain. When finished, you can start playing in the League against various teams with easier abilities first. Your team also has to beat them to start winning more wins. Apart from that, you can also manage various aspects of the team while playing, such as improving the stadium, trying new strategies, signing players, reviewing player lineup statistics and of course this will affect the course of the match. Dream League Soccer is a cool soccer game for Android fun gameplay great graphics and lots of popular teams and players to choose from.

Those are the 7 best offline soccer games for Android that we can recommend for you this time. If you have questions or want to make requests about games, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to look forward to other interesting articles.

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