5 Best Survival Games for Android 2023 | HD graphics

In this article, we will discuss about several survival-themed games. Survival games seem to be fun for you to play and of course these games will be very challenging. For that, see the survival game recommendations below.

Here are the 5 best Android survival games :

1. Horror Charlie Spider – Train

If you have ever played or heard of the Coco Charles game, this time the game is a mobile version of that game. horror Charlie Spider train is a survival game where players need to drive a train and also fight with a train monster that has legs like a spider. Your goal here is to complete all the missions and find out what really happened on the island, then from there we can stop these monsters so they can stop attacking people on the island. To do this, you need to avoid Coco Charles’s pursuit and solve all the puzzles, although if you look at the graphics, you can say it’s unrealistic, but it’s still worth it to play.

2. Last Outlander

Last Outlander is another last day on earth style RPG survival game set in a magical medieval world filled with orcs, goblins and fairies. The game this time tells the story of the protagonist who is a human and stranded in a strange world and your goal is definitely to survive. The controller of this game is quite simple. Where there is a joystick on the left to control your character’s movements and the right one to pick up objects from the ground and attack the enemy, at the bottom of the screen there is a button to quickly access inventory items and also a recipe book to help you make various items from the materials that you have collected, the map presented by the game this time is quite extensive and filled with missions that you can work on it to increase your character’s progress.

3. CRSED : Cuisine Royale

CRSED: Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale-themed survival game that was originally released for PC and is now available on mobile devices. When viewed from the gameplay and also the graphics, this game is not much different from Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile, only the concept of the game theme is a medieval theme and like Battle Royale games in general, players aim to become a Lestending Man so you can win the game, besides that the characters that you can use in the game are also very diverse and of course there are various kinds of skins and also costumes that you can wear. on your character guys. There are a lot of weapons and items that you can find in the arena and you can adjust them according to your character’s needs.

4. Day Before Die

Day Before Die is an offline survival game that has a graphic display similar to existing multiplayer games such as Drive After and the like. For games with a size of only 300 MB, Day Before Day presents graphics that can be considered very cool, especially the open world map which is free for the players to explore. Your goal here is for actors and to find all the items needed for Crafting various kinds of tools and equipment that will support you to survive, you can also do missions and various weapons you can also get As the game progresses the cool thing is Day before Die no ads at all but looks like you need to make purchases for some items in the game.

5. Project Evo

Project Evo is an Open War Survival game which can be said to have cool graphics similar to lifeafter games and the like. But unfortunately at the time this article was made, Project Evo had not yet been released globally and to be able to play the game this time you need to register for the beta test and get the code. invitation to login via email. at the beginning of the game you can make a character that is not genderlocked and after that you can customize it with some existing make up features when you enter the game you will be presented with Make open War with realistic graphics and you also need to follow the missions given where later you can get various kinds of equipment needed such as weapons, armor and also items needed for Crafting and building clusters.

Those are the 5 best Android survival games that we can recommend for you this time. If you have questions or want to request about games, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to look forward to other interesting articles.

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