+10 Best Ultra Graphics Android Games With Unreal Engine

In making a game, a development application is needed which is commonly called an engine, one of the popular ones is the engine made by epicgames, namely the Unreal Engine, which was made in 1998 and the first game it produced was a fps-themed game, but along with the widespread use of this application, the water Andro engine gave birth to many games from various Genres such as fighting, RPG, Steel and other games based on the Unreal engine are known for having high-quality graphics and of course large sizes.

Here are 10 good Android games with Unreal Engine

1. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is one of the newest games which is currently still under development Farley 84 presents shooting action with additional elements of craving and also moba, this game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the world is infected by a virus that turns humans into fusions. from zombies and also robots the concept of this game is actually presented with gameplay based on metaroyal the game will be presented from a third person perspective, but of course this game is also equipped with its own unique elements this game is presented with very detailed graphics starting from the characters, the environment, to the action presented fight.

2. B.O.T

B.O.T is a game called Battle of titans. This game can be called a robot battle-themed game with a very slick graphic presentation. three different robot classes, namely like, medium and heavy, each character class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Later you will fight against other players online. A number of improvements to various parts of the robot can also be made to make the game easier.

3. Bless mobile

The Unreal Engine is indeed quite widely used for the development of MMO RPG games, so flashmobile is one of them as an MMO RPG game. This game is supported by detailed graphics and transitions that are quite smooth. The game can be started by selecting a character from a number of different races and classes. will enter into the original story that is offered not much different from most similar games on mobile devices. This game also provides an auto feature, this feature can be used to carry out missions or to carry out battles.

4. Blade And Soul Revolution

Still with the theme MMO RPG blade and soul Revolution, so the next game, this game made by Netmarble is presented with console and PC class graphics. You have to play it on your cellphone with a fairly high spec, the battle mechanism carries techniques from Korean martial arts. You are required to build characters according to the hero class The selected. Character customization can also be done in detail as ported from PC games, this game does not yet have detailed PC versions. However, as an Android game, this game can still be said to have very good quality.

5. Forza Street

Different from the other Forza series, Forza street is a game developed using the Unreal Engine. In addition, the game mechanics are very different. Where this game focuses on cinematic gameplay crashes with the gameplay the game will take place very simply because it focuses more on the storyline and the graphic presentation presented by the game itself, most of it is done by simply pressing and tapping on the cellphone screen even though it seems simple but this game has unique and entertaining gameplay, what’s more, there are dozens of cars from top-class brands that can be used.

6. Marvel Future Revolution

Discussing games developed with the latest Unreal Engine Marvel game titled future revolution, of course you can’t miss how this game released by Netmarble displays very good graphic details in the mobile game class, but of course a cellphone with high specs is needed to play optimally. This game is the first Marvel game that carries the MMO RPG open-world mechanism on mobile devices. The presence of various iconic characters such as Ironman, Spiderman and so on is certainly the main attraction of this game. become a team member of Omega flight and fight against various diseases around the world to save Premiery earth.

7. Injustice 2

If the previous game contained Marvel characters, then there is a game that features superheroes from the DC Universe, namely Injustice 2. This game has a fighting theme with gameplay that is actually classified as the mainstream genre, but what makes this game interesting is its slick visuals because it is processed with Unreal Engine 4 as well as the story model. presents conflicts between superheroes that are well conveyed through a number of cars in. This official game made by Warner Bros. will be very entertaining for players who are also fans of DC comic characters, especially since each character is equipped with fighting movements and their own unique abilities.

8. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an action RPG game titled Darkness Rises as a game developed using the Unreal Engine. This game has become one of the most popular games on the PlayStore. Of course, apart from the graphic quality, which is practically close to PC games and console games, the game can be played by selecting a character. from a number of classes to choose from, not only featuring exciting battles, you will also be presented with a storyline with a variety of interesting carcasses. With a combination of a number of these things, this game is certainly one of the games that is quite complete on mobile devices.

9. Dragon Raja

The game entitled Dragon Raja is arguably a game that is really able to optimize the use of the download engine system. This can be seen from the graphics, which are so detailed, the carcass feels like watching an animated film, the gameplay with offers also doesn’t play games other than defeating the monsters. can choose a profession to live life in the game such as being an Idol, Machinist, Chef and so on. There are also interesting features and storylines to follow. Apart from that, this game carries the open world concept so that you can enjoy a wide game world with stunning visuals. more satisfied

10. Fortnite Mobile

Discussing Unreal Engine games is certainly incomplete if you don’t include Fortnite Mobile. How come this game has become the most popular Unreal Engine game in recent years on consoles and PCs? to be able to play smoothly. fortnite mobile itself carries the theme of the Battle Royale game with interesting gameplay where the game does not only focus on shooting action but can also build walls, stairs and so on.

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