+10 Best Offline Puzzle Android Games

puzzles remain one of the game themes that until now continues to experience developments. In its development, puzzle themes are also usually included in other types of games, ranging from action adventures and many more.

The following are the 10 best offline puzzle Android games

1. Still Here

Adventure puzzle game with the theme of presenting this scrolling game in the future with a pretty beautiful world. In this game, players are tasked with finding out why humanity left Earth. The main character in this game itself is a character known as pip pip. artificial In addition, the officer then flew around to find a new location. The player’s own task is to carry a pipe to find a number of items where these items are scattered in various hidden areas along with the black progress that must be collected will be more and more difficult to find

2. A.L.B

This game has the theme of a puzzle game about adjustments and changes to the game in this game. This game will be carried out by playing a princess. The princess has decided to take over the kingdom ruled by her father to play alone. Here the player is assigned to move the princess from one point to another. has been determined even though it seems simple, this game will present puzzles which will become increasingly difficult. There are quite a number of levels that players can complete, how each level presents a world design that is quite interesting

3. Death Move  Zombie Survival

This next game is a game that you will like if you are fans of action and strategy games, according to the title here, players will be taken to a future world that has long been destroyed because of the zombies that have appeared. Hi, the game itself will be played by playing one of the humans. If you survive, the player’s task is to move the character to eradicate Zombies and find a way out of the game. This game is packed with a combination of tactical stealth puzzle elements and the ability to survive. The game mechanism in this game is presented with a turn-based gameplay mechanism as a Zombie-themed game. able to pack dark nuances quite well

4. Suicide Guy

is a puzzle adventure game that is combined with a first person perspective view this game provides more than 2000 which can be completed for each level which is quite concise but requires good analysis to be able to complete each level quickly to AC the game presented itself is quite unique where you will be taken into a nightmare from the main character later the player’s task is to do various things to wake up from the nightmare, the method is quite extreme, namely trying to commit suicide so that you immediately wake up, the various puzzles will become more challenging along with the progress made. you have done

5. Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor is a game that is quite different from most of the other The Walking Dead game series. If the other series feature strong stories and more intense survival action, this series is unique, this series itself combines gameplay from Bridge Constructor with game themes. The Walking Dead, so the gameplay carried by this game is puzzle-based gameplay. Hi, in the game, players are assigned to build various bridges. These bridges will later be passed by a number of characters. Therefore, players must make the bridges as safe as possible, not only that, every zombie too. often you have to eradicate there are a total of up to 5 chapters that players can complete where each chapter contains a number of different levels which will gradually become more complex and complicated

6. Tricky Castle

if you like puzzle games with retro-style graphic designs then Tricky castle will be a game worth trying. The puzzle theme raised by this game is a fairly concise theme where the various puzzles in this game have different characteristics. -different later this game will really test the players’ patience, memory, and dexterity, the presence of more than 100 levels that can be completed about makes this game an alternative in filling your free time

7. Mindsweeper

As the title suggests, this next game will lead players to become a swiper. The player’s own task is to dive into someone’s memory and rediscover lost memories. As a player, you have to dive into Emi’s memories, which are increasingly disappearing. This aims to find a drug formula genetic plague Before it’s too late when exploring someone’s mind, of course it will be difficult to distinguish which is real memory and which is just imagination. In this game, you will control Emi in various memories. You have to find the next path until you finally find the formula for the genetic plague drug. presented with various kinds of memories from Emi such as when she was stranded on an island due to a shipwreck, her past memories when she was still in school and so on

8. Tiny Robots Recharged

is a puzzle game that tells the story of searching for a missing robot to get to the place where you are going. You have to open all the doors from around 40 levels available in this game. The player’s own task is to look for various objects that can help open the door. In addition, the robot that you control must also get a new battery at each level of the game. As a puzzle game with a light size, this game is able to present graphics that can be considered quite lively. Serving the world with each unique design also certainly makes the gameplay of this game more varied.

9. Tiny Room Stories

is a puzzle game that can sharpen your brain as this puzzle game presents puzzles that are quite complete because to complete this game requires logic, geometry, observation and various other thinking skills. The game in this game will bring you to play as a private detective. The incident began when the main character received a letter from his father, the letter containing a request for help from him to go to a town called Retrieve. After arriving there, he found the city empty and uninhabited. As a player, you also have to investigate the disappearance of people. With gameplay and slick graphics, this game has become one of the most popular puzzle games in the Playstore, this can be seen from the large number of downloads. as well as the positive reviews this game got

10. Lara Croft go

if you are a fan of the Lara Croft character, the next game might be a game that you are familiar with. Laura Croft go is a puzzle game that is very interesting to play. This is because the puzzles of this game are packaged in a more casual way.
the graphic presentation of this game has also succeeded in presenting it quite beautifully, the environmental design and various objects are presented well for the gameplay itself, here you have to bring Lara to reach a predetermined point, but this is not easy because there are various puzzles and enemies that must be faced throughout the adventure

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