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Shooting-themed games have been around for a long time, but games with that theme seem endless because there are always new games that come with interesting quality and gameplay, so in this article we will discuss FPS games that are relatively new to play.

The following are the 10 best FPS Android games

1. Action Strike

In this first game, we start with the FPS multiplayer Action Strike game. In this game, you will play against other players online. In addition to coming with a relaxed concept, the duration of each match is also relatively concise. The fight itself can be done using a number of different weapons, starting from knives, pistols, grenades, snipers and so on. to make a shot you can choose to shoot manually or automatically. This game actually has a lot of potential thanks to the pretty good presentation of colorful graphics, but unfortunately it still has drawbacks because the game controls of this game don’t feel so good when compared to most similar games.

2. FPS Cyberpunk

As the title suggests, this game features a shooting game theme with a Cyberpunk-style world design. various objects to weapons in this game are also presented with a futuristic theme. This is quite reasonable considering that this game is themed in 2077. You will play the game yourself by playing several game modes including team mode, deathmatch, to capture the flag game mode. along with your progress you can increase the character level. Apart from that, each weapon can also be upgraded. What’s interesting about this game is that various weapons and also various armor can be obtained while the game is in progress.

3. Phun Wars

is one of the newest FPS games which is currently still in the unapply stage. Access from this game is not open globally. To play this game, you can download the APK or use a third-party application. the gameplay of this game itself carries FPS multiplayer gameplay later you can play in several game modes including deathmatch, ping Battle, and game capture the flag. the game will be carried out in a number of maps with different nuances, as a fps themed game this game is also equipped with various features that should already exist such as the presence of quite a lot of weapon variations to the availability of characters that can be unlocked apart from presenting a relatively slick graphic. This game also has pretty good controls

4. Elit Strike

is one of the other FPS multiplayer games which is also set in the modern world. In the game, you can fight in the classic five-on-five to bomb mode. the controls in this game are packaged quite simply, you only need to aim the shot at the enemy, then the shot can shoot automatically, even though it seems classic, this game adds elements that are quite unique and rarely found in games, these types of elements are none other than the dance elements. useful for filling XP from characters even though it seems quite eccentric but this seems to be the hallmark of this game

5. Fire Strike

As a fairly new FPS game, Fire Strike is a game that comes with quite a promise, even though the game concept seems classic, in this game you will play multiplayer in a five-on-five battle. Besides playing in team mode, this game also provides other game modes that can be unlocked, such as freeforall mode and bomb mode. each game model is presented quite concisely and ranges in a matter of minutes, while for game controls this game has controls that will feel familiar if you like fighting action-type games in this game it feels quite entertaining thanks to the physical characters that are not too stiff

6. Hitman Sniper 2

In accordance with the title, this next game is a sequel to the game Hitman Sniper as a successor to one of the most popular sniper games in the playstore, this game is certainly a game that is quite anticipated for now. updates to date. This game comes with features and various updates in the game but unfortunately in the second series you have to play it online, at first glance this game comes with a better graphic presentation than the first series. In addition, this game also presents a number of places that will become arenas in completing each mission, even though it comes in a more complete way, this game still maintains the stealth elements that are the hallmark of the Hitman game.

7. War After

another FPS game that is still under development but has very promising potential. War After itself carries FPS multiplayer gameplay so you will be faced with battles against other players online. because it’s still not in the full version, of course the various features in the game are still limited as a fps-themed game. This game can be said to be a game that comes with above-average details from the characters, environment, lighting to the effects of the battle, which can be presented beautifully. Besides that, the physical character of the character feels very smooth and quite realistic. With the various advantages it has, of course this game will be very interesting.

8. Zula Mobile

discussing fps-themed games which are quite new and interesting to play, zula mobil is certainly a game that would be a shame if you miss it. For now, car magic is actually not available globally, however. You can also download it with applications or APKs from other websites, Playstore. As a multiplayer FPS game, this game provides a number of different game modes that you can play. your battle can use various types of weapons, each weapon can also be customized. the presence of a variety of game me will certainly make this game not boring too quickly

9. Hunting Clash

hunting Clash is a game with a very different concept from some of the previous games. If shooting games are usually synonymous with fighting action, then class hunting instead presents the theme of hunting animals. You will do this by visiting various hunting areas, but to open a new area, you have to reach a certain level because it carries the concept of hunting animals, of course you are tasked with hunting various animals. This game has a large collection of animals that can be hunted, ranging from animals that are easy to hard to find. interestingly, you can also compete against other players in PvP mode, even though the gameplay concept is relatively simple, this game is able to pack its various elements quite stunningly.

10. Ghost of War

Ghost of War is an FPS game with the theme of the Second World War that way you will be brought into the nuances of the war. Besides that, the character you will play is a soldier character, for the game mechanism this game comes with a fairly classic game mechanism. You will play by being divided into two teams with other players online. to win the game you have to get a higher score in the allotted time, even though it comes with a classic concept this game is still interesting to play. Besides presenting the concept of war which feels quite intense, this game also has advantages in graphics and physical characters that are quite realistic.

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